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Experienced instructors are ready to help you soar as a commercial or private pilot.


Training for Excellence

Make flying more than a hobby as a private pilot.

Be the Next Generation

Become an aviation leader as a professional pilot.

Fly at Your Own Pace, become a Private Pilot

Indulge in your sense of adventure by receiving your private pilot’s license under L3 Airline Academy’s Private Pilot Certification program. Whether you want to join a flying club, take day trips with friends and family, or just master your region through the skies, L3 Airline Academy can equip anyone with the proper training to fly safely and up to industry standards. Being a student at L3 Airline Academy also means learning alongside fellow aircraft enthusiasts and becoming an active part of the aviation community. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and discover new aspirations.

Flexible courses allow you to fly on your own schedule and include knowledge that goes beyond basic flying. Receive instruction on aeromedical, aircraft structure and servicing, aerodynamics, air traffic operations, emergency procedures and more. Our award-winning maintenance department puts safety above all else, as we ensure students are properly trained in collision avoidance, dealing with unforeseen occurrences, and how to execute proper takeoffs, landings, and turns. Courses are taught by certified flight instructors who have completed L3 Airline Academy’s rigorous standardization program. Learn more about the L3 Airline Academy training programs and inquire about our Discovery Flight. The Discovery Flight offers aviation newcomers the opportunity to have a 30 minute simulator evaluation and then an hour flight in the technologically advanced Cirrus SR-20 where you will taxi, takeoff and land the aircraft all under the instruction of a flight instructor.  Make your dream of flying a reality.

Committed to Excellence

A Thrilling Career with a World of Possibilities

According to the Department of Transportation, the number of airline passengers is steadily climbing by 5% each year.  Couple this with the fact that pilot retirements at the airlines are steadily increasing and regional airline demand for qualified pilots continues to expand. This has created an increasing need for pilots nationally. At L3 Airline Academy, we successfully equip students to take advantage of this industry demand through our Airline Pilot Track. Upon completion of the Airline Pilot Track, your professional pilot opportunities are expansive, including: cargo, corporate, sightseeing, airline, military, and more. Whatever your passion, L3 Airline Academy will uphold the industry’s highest standards and best practices to help you excel in your field.

As a leading flight academy, established by the airlines, for the airlines, L3 provides airline-oriented flight training to ensure students are prepared for all aspects of commercial flight. Upon completion of the Airline Pilot Track, students with the goal of becoming instructors are guaranteed an interview to be potentially employed as an L3 Airline Academy Certified Flight Instructor. Strong partnerships with multiple colleges and universities, as well as established Pathway Partnerships with 13 Regional Airlines, means L3 graduates are fully prepared to become successful in the industry, no matter the route they choose.  Your interview for the airlines starts the day you enroll.

L3 Airline Academy is dedicated to helping their students transition into the Academy as smoothly as possible. With student mentoring and advising provided, as well as assistance with orientations, student activities, transportation, and housing, we aim to be your home away from home.

Students with prior flying experience may be eligible on a case-by-case basis for credit to achieve the FAA pilot certificate hourly requirement. Learn more about the L3 Airline Academy program that is best for you and let your career take flight.